How To Find A Check Table in LSMW

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Too often SAP will reject data to be loaded in a transaction when it is checked against a table of allowed values. It is always preferable to identify invalid data during the conversion step rather than during the load, but it isn't always obvious what table is being used by SAP to perform the check. There is an easy way in LSMW to determine what table is behind the check routine and then to write a snippet of code for validation.

Select the field to that needs validation and press the Constant button. A warning may appear that explains the mapping may be deleted, but it is okay to ignore that message and proceed by clicking the "YES" button. After that a box from which to select a value will appear depending on the field that is being assigned a constant value.

Press "F4" or click the button next to the field for a list of available options. A new window with available options will appear. Click on one of the options and then press "F1" for the Performance Assistant. Click the "Technical Information" button () and the next window will have information about the check table behind field that SAP uses to validate the data.

Use the check table information to develop a custom snippet of code to validate the field during the conversion step. It should include a step to populate the target field with the source data and an action to take if the field value is invalid. In this case a warning is given as part of the conversion report and the entire transaction is skipped. The report is enriched with as much information as possible to facilitate the correction by the team performing the transformation on the data including the related material and plant values, the invalid data and even the field name.