Logical file name is not permissible when loading classifications with LSMW

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In some newer releases of SAP (somewhere around SAP_BASIS 701) some logical file names are forbidden even though they are apparently defined in the FILE transaction. The program that LSMW relies on to load classifications (RCCLBI02) uses the logical file name during during its execution. In previous releases simply specifying a logical file name in LSMW would create it along with the physical file, but now the system throws a SG809 message including this bad advice:


Select one of the permissible logical file names or contact your system administrator to have the logical file name 'CLASSIFICATIONS' permitted for this context.

Procedure for System Administration

The current application uses the logical file name 'CLASSIFICATION' to check the permissible logical file names. The user is attempting to use the logical file name 'CLASSIFICATIONS' (perhaps by selecting a previously-defined variant).

The user either needs to adjust his or her variant appropriately, or you can permit the logical file name 'CLASSIFICATIONS' in this context.

More information about checking file names: SAP Note 1497003 (https://service.sap.com/sap/support/notes/1497003).

Many BASIS administrators are unaware of this problem and do not know how to resolve it. One possible way to load Classification Allocations is to use IDOCs, but those tend to be cumbersome, require a great deal of configuration and are difficult to analyze and report on. Because of the complex hierarchical nature of Classifications a recording may prove too difficult to use.

Another way to load Classifications

One easy workaround is to create the Classification allocations using a BAPI. Using LSMW as a wrapper for a BAPI is easier than one might think and the BAPI produces all of the information needed for efficient analysis. BAPIs are effectively the same thing as Direct Input and are just as fast.

This LSMW object includes all of the necessary components to create, change and delete Classification allocations using LSMW as a wrapper for a BAPI. It generates a meaningful report for the analysis of errors and relies solely on built-in functions and BAPIs from SAP.

Logical file name is not permissible