Working with MDG

Jimbo's picture|||||||| Goats/DSCF0832.jpg|||'s Master Data Governance software is an incredibly complex system that contains countless new tables and new transactions. Remembering enough to make regular ECC work is hard enough, so now this website does a lot of remembering for our developers.

Redirect Lost Change Requests

Due to the countless customizations built into so many MDG portals, some Change Requests can be lost or misdirected to the wrong approvers. Redirecting a Change Request is very easy.

Start by opening the Change Request and clicking on the Workflow Log button. This will bring up the log of approvals and the current approval that is holding up the Change request will be the topmost entry.

Launch the SAPGUI program, log into the MDG system and run the SWIA transaction. Copy the Work Item ID from the MDG portal to the Identification field in the SWIA transaction and click the Execute button (or press F8).

Select the Work Item in SWIA and click the Administrator Forward button. In the Choose Agent window, select or type the user ID of the new approver and click the OK button.

If there are no issues then the Change Request will be reassigned to a new approver. The "Forwarded successfully" message will appear at the bottom of the screen to make clear that the Change Request is with the new approver now.