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We've been answering questions and solving problems since 2004, so you may want to search the site before you ask; the answer might already be here. If you don't find an answer or if the answer you find doesn't work for you, just ask again. If an answer you found doesn't work for you then please let us know; some questions have more than one answer. If you have a solution to a problem that has already been solved, please let us know! If you have a better answer to a question that has already been answered then please answer the question again! Be a contributor and be part of the solution. Ask us a question.

Be specific

Give us all the details to work with. We are better able to respond intelligently if we have all the facts. If you are trying to solve a problem, let us know what error messages you're getting and be sure to let us know where else you looked (unsuccessfully) for a solution. Specifics are golden. Questions like, "How can I transport Sales Orders?" might not be answered with any alacrity, so be as specific as you can be. Let us know what your legacy system is, what version of SAP you're using and, if you're not too afraid, where you are.


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