Display a report after execution of all the 14/15 steps in LSMW

I have got an urgent requirement in LSMW and it goes like this :
I have created an object for migrating Open Accounts payable items with which after this LSMW execution, LSMW will generate a Document Number(BELNR) internally.
1. I need to capture these document numbers created by SAP and display in a report [like so many documents got created (success records)].
2. This report has to be displayed after all the steps of LSMW are executed.

Whichever code we write in LSMW(Conversion Mapping Rules / User defined Routines), the report will get displayed in Convert data step itself, which I have already implemented.

But to display a success report having the success records that will get created, at the end of all steps in LSMW, please suggest where to write the code and how to implement.

1 month


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A reconciliation report that links all legacy document numbers to new SAP document numbers is generated easily enough if the legacy document can be embedded in a free-text field in the new document. I wrote a short snippet of code that explains how to do this while loading inventory using discreet keys stored in free-text fields.