Best way to read in chinese characters in input file.

Do you have any advice or best practice for uploading chinese character data? There seems to be a myriad of options for codesets and codepages in various places, but which combination works and is considered best practice?
Many Thanks in advance.

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One of the most significant updates to SAP was the ability to handle Unicode character sets. Personally, I have found that UTF-8 has been the most versatile and widely-supported version of Unicode and it works exceptionally well for handling foreign languages.
Unicode best practices and source code

In many implementations, the Chinese characters are simply translated to English and stored that way. Most addresses in China can be reached using English words like street, lane, building and room. The postman there doesn't care to whom the mail is addressed (unlike in some EU countries) so he does not need to be able to read the name of the recipient. Additionally, the name of the city is ignored by the postman who cares only about the 6-digit post code.