How do I find the sncgss32.dll file?

When I attempt to connect to a SAP server the SAPGUI client throws the error below:

Unable to load GSS-API DLL
named "sncgss32.dll"
Error in SNC

The detailed description says:

SNC (Secure Network Communication)
Error 126 = "The specified module could not be found."

How do I get around this? Do I need to download this file?

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I have seen this error before as an external consultant and, to be honest, it stumped me for over an hour. I had just installed the SAPGUI client on a new laptop and copied the saplogon.ini file from an internal employee. I reproduced the error to show here.

Here the SAPGUI software is attempting to handshake with the local security system to obtain a token that can be passed to the SAP server as a form of authentication to be used in lieu of the traditional username and password. If the computer is not a member of a Domain then the software isn't installed and this error occurs.

If a username and password have been provided then edit the properties of the SAP server in the SAPGUI software and then remove the check from this box. This will tell the SAPGUI to expect authentication in the form of username and password.