Project behaves badly after transport

I have a project that uses RMDATIND for direct input of material master records. My main source structure maps to BGR00, BMM00 and BMMH1. Other structures map to BMMH2, BMMH5 and BMMH6.

I make changes to the project in the development system (DEV) and transport the entire project to the Quality system (QA) for loading the data.

The problem I have is that sometimes things don’t transport correctly to QA. For example, I added a field to the main source structure in DEV, dutifully maintained the field mapping (using the Auto Field Mapping tool), adjusted my input file accordingly, and thoroughly tested it in DEV with great success. Then I transport it to QA. I read the data in, and all the fields that follow my newly added one are out of sorts.

The main source structure in QA contains the newly added field. I checked syntax on the conversion program repeatedly. I even added and removed some ABAP commands to make sure the conversion program recompiles. Still my data fails to read in the way it does in DEV.

I would appreciate any advice on how I can solve this peculiarity.



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I would ensure that the read program is regenerated when it is updated in the next system. This may not occur automatically in the same way that the conversion program isn't always updated automatically.

Add that feature to the user menu for this object by clicking Extras → User menu. Add a check to the menu items in the image below.