I need to create a Task List operation and then apply a package

I need to create a new task list operation on an existing task list, and then apply the maintenance package to the created operation line.
I can create the recording to select the task list and add the new operation line, but I cannot get it to then select the created line and move to the next step of adding the package.
I have used the code OBSE to select an operation line in other LSMWs I have created, but these rely on the operation number being specified in the loadsheet. In this case, the new operation line number is an known.
Is there a code similar to OD++, which select the next line, but selects the last populated line??


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In the recording put 999 in the RC27X-ENTRY_ACT field on the operations screen and press Enter. This will cause all of the operations except for the last to slide off the top of the screen and will leave the second line empty.

Populate the second line with the desired data, tick the selection box (FLG_SEL) and then press "F2" to edit the operation. This will bring up the details for the operation that was just created and allow for detailed manipulation. The operation number is irrelevant.

Save the Routing and then use this recording as the basis for a new LSMW object.