I am trying to load a text file in to T-code GP12N using LSMW.
I am new to LSMW and do not have ABAP knowhow.

I can create a simple LSMW. However GP12N needs to enter Header data in the initial screen and then further rows of data in the next screen. I can provide more details if required.

I would like to know how to enter data in the second screen where I have a number of rows to enter - how to repeat rows in the second screen before saving and moving back to enter header data again.

I am not looking to use the Standard upload functionality for GP12N as I find the config confusing to set up.


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The Overview screen (F5) button launches an Excel Spreadsheet. It seems like the simplest solution would be to copy-past the rows directly into this screen and save it.

Another option would be to write an LSMW object with two recordings. The first recording would populate the header data and the second would populate the rows one at a time.

Running the data through the program it would be necessary to "EXIT" from each subsequent header transaction (after the first) to ensure that just one header is created. Then the second transaction can add each row one at a time using Edit→Rows→New Blank Line or with Shift-F4 (Insert Element).

Check out this article on how to use multiple recordings in a single LSMW.