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Welcome to the Shared Knowledge Repository at SAPLSMW||||||| aggregate our combined expertise and experience and make it available for everybody. We don't ask much, but we sure would appreciate it if you would:

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Tell your friends about us.

SAPLSMW is a community-driven resource for programmers of any type, especially data conversion specialists. Our specialties include, but are not limited to, ABAP, Visual Basic, C++, SQL and Java. When people ask us for help with a problem or for advice, we do our best and post the result for everybody to use.

Tell us what you think.

Everything here is the result of feedback. All of this content was created as a response to a suggestion, as an answer to a question or as a solution to a problem. If we don't know that something is needed then we most likely will never produce it. If you can think of a way to make our content even better then please let us know.

Keeping it free for everybody.

All of our content is provided free of charge under the Creative Commons copyright that allows for personal and commercial use. We don't ask for any money for our works, just credit where it's due. Donations are always welcome; please direct them to your favorite charity.

Jimbo's VBA Automation Toolbox
Years of exposure to necessity has led our own Jimbo to develop a suite of VBA tools for use in MS Access. It includes functions for automating text file import and export in macros and a tool for producing a complex multi-tabbed Excel spreadsheets from tables and queries. Find out more about Jimbo's VBA Automation Toolbox here.
Jimbo's LSMW Toolbox
In the thirteen years that the team at has been migrating legacy data, several snippets of code have been recycled repeatedly for clients. The most useful LSMW-related snippets for data conversion and migration have been knit together in a User-Defined Routines LSMW object called DC_TOOLS and provided here for free.|||||||||