The dummy text file.

Often it is convenient to use LSMW to run snippets of code or to generate reports that don't relate to anything in a source file. LSMW still requires that a source file be specified and read into the system when running the program (converting data) even when the only code is in the Begin of Processing area and no data is actually being converted.

A great way to eliminate the need to load the dummy.txt file is to make all LSMW objects use the same .read file. LSMW may throw a "File '' generated with another object" message, but it doesn't effect the performance of an LSMW object that ignores all source data.

A simple dummy file with a single line of data is plenty. A convenient place to store the file is in the c:\temp folder. The content of the file doesn't matter because it is never used, but it must be at least one line. A sample dummy file can be obtained here.|||||||||