No logon possible (no hw ID received by mssg server)

I'm getting an error when I try to log into MiniSAP 6.2. The "SAP ABAP Engine" is running and I can connect to the server, but I get this error when I enter the user and password. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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I saw this error once before. A peer had started on a new project and the client's helpdesk replaced his services file without telling him. We spent hours trying to understand why his MiniSAP instance had stopped working; he had spent several hours developing source code in the system, so uninstalling it and installing it wasn't an option.

I recreated the error to ensure that this was a real solution. It may not be the solution in your case, but it worked for us then.

The port 3600 entry in the services file is most likely missing now. The SAP ABAP Engine instance starts along with the SAP DB, but the system fails to communicate with it's own messaging server. The result looks like this:

The easy solution is to add this line to the services file. For Windows XP the location of the services file is in the c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\ and for Windows 2000 it is in c:\winnt\system32\drivers\etc\. This has been tested with MiniWAS 6.2, but not with other SAP systems.
sapmsBSP 3600/tcp

Afterwards the services file should look something like this:

Be sure to restart the SAP ABAP Engine. The system should work just fine after that.