SAPLSMW is on Sabbatical

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Sleepy goatAs of April of 2015 is on sabbatical and taking some time off from the hectic life and constant travel requirements of SAP implementations. In addition to recently becoming a husband, I am investing a lot of time in parallel endeavors to insure that there will always be time in my life to support the Data Migration community.

The risk of neglecting my new family has opened my eyes to a great number of things that I have taken for granted or just put off until such time that I'm not on a project. Little things like repairing a dash camera take a back seat to a client's needs and are forgotten for years.

Most of my free time this year will be spent refurbishing four 1940's victory homes in Pensacola. The relaxing pace of at-will construction work makes plumbing, roofing, carpentry, painting, tile masonry and finish carpentry the perfect alternative to the fast pace of an SAP implementation. If a client calls for me then I can lock the doors, take an extended project and then pick up right where I left off when I return home.

My plan is to spend half of a year just recharging my batteries, reconnecting with my family and attending to the countless personal projects that have been swept aside since I began a career in Data Migration. I plan to start looking for the next project in 2016, but if you know how to reach me then please don't hesitate as I'll gladly drop what I'm doing and take my new bride on an adventure.

Update: One of the many personal projects that I have pushed off for years was starting and operating a free municipal ISP in my home town. provides basic internet access to the residents of Navy Point in Pensacola.