SAPLSMW is on Sabbatical . . . Again.

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Sleepy goatThe founder and sole contributor to is on sabbatical to tend to a family that is about to increase in size by one very small person. My beautiful bride is about to bless me with my very first child and I am over the moon with joy.

Naturally, I'll still be answering questions, but I am not on a project at the moment and my simple MiniSAP system is shuttered for a while, so I might not be able to answer every question. In the meantime, I am restoring a 1940's post-war home in Pensacola that is large enough for my growing family.

Update! December 2017

The 70-year-old post-war home is nearly restored to its 1940's glory--even modernized a bit--and there are a handful of before and after pictures on this page for those who are interested in such things. The real update is that my daughter Layla has been born and is healthy as an elated father can wish!

I'll be taking off a little more time to spend with my daughter and supporting the bride for as long as possible. Look for more updates in the near future.

Update! August 2018

Layla is big enough to take care of herself (with supervision from the bride), so my sabbatical is nearly at its end. Look for more articles, whitepapers and snippets in the very near future!