File Name 'Converted Data': Max. 45 Characters. Remaining data saved.

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SAP automatically generates a filename by concatenating the project, subproject and object name with underscores and that filename can exceed the maximum length of 45 set by the system for some import interfaces. When naming conventions run long for LSMW projects, the default file name can run too long.
Proposed values for file names created.

When the filename is too long, the system can throw the "Name 'Converted Data': Max. 45 Characters. Remaining data saved." error. The message below does not provide much more information.
 Max. 45 Characters. Remaining data saved.

The solution is a relatively simple one. A double-click on the filename will bring up the editor so that the filename can be shortened.
Double-click on the file name.

Just cut off the superfluous project and subproject from the front so that the file name is shorter than 45 characters.
Filename too long.
Filename just right.

The final step is to save the changes. The new filename will work fine even when this LSMW is transported to another system.