Old Center Balances to new Cost Center

I am trying to use LSMW to transfer the balance of old cost centers to the new cost centers.
Can this be done with LSMW without any programming?
Our SAP System is ECC 6.0

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It's possible, but inadvisable. There is always the opportunity to do a little validation during the conversion process, but it isn't absolutely necessary.

After assigning a General Ledger to the Cost Center (some help with that here) it is possible to transfer the Open GL documents with FB01 in LSMW. In the LSMW Object Attributes configure the object to use Standard Batch/Direct Input like this.

The rest is standard LSMW configuration to define the structure and fields of the source file(s), define the relationships, populate the fields, read in the source data, convert the data then execute the batch. No programming is necessary as long as the source data is perfect.